Jumblr Stats

Last Snapshot Date: 2018-07-25
Total KMD Amount jumbled: 12,049,330

Total USD Amount jumbled: 18,976,490

Total KMD Fees collected from jumbling: 36,148

Total USD Fees collected from jumbling: 56,929

Current Rev. Share per Jumblr in KMD: 0.036

Current Rev. Share per Jumblr in USD: 0.06

Jumblr Processes ended*: 2960

*This is an estimate based on the trx count. Trxcount /2 as fees are paid twice 0.15% at first t-z and 0.15% at last z-t iteration.
Dividends are usually paid when an Assets reaches 1 Mio USD in Fees. Dividends are always paid in KMD to your KMD address.

There are 1 Mio Jumblr
Jumblr Fees are 0.3% of jumbling Amount.
For more information about Jumblr please visit www.jumblr.info
The Jumblr Address is: RGhxXpXSSBTBm9EvNsXnTQczthMCxHX91t

Jumblr KMD Fees collected